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The Deep State Traitors

Emblem of the Department of the Deep State"In the United States, the "deep state" is a conspiracy theory which suggests that collusion and cronyism exist within the US political system and constitute a hidden government within the legitimately elected government." Wikipedia

Are you serious, Wikipedia? A "theory?" Any idiot watching the December 2019 impeachment circus in the House of Representatives can clearly see that there is a factual Marxist-Internationalist conspiracy, devoid of factual basis, that is not just a "conspiracy theory."

Do you remember your Bible history? Long ago the Lord looked down at Babel and said "That's enough!" He confounded the one language of the people, and split them up into seventy separate nations. Ever since then, Satan has been scheming to reunite everyone under a one-world government, and a one-world secular religion, with the people ready to worship himself instead of God. Therefore, you should be able to see that the dream of the Internationalist is a dream that goes against the express wish of God. God set up separate nations, sanctioning Nationalism, not an Internationalist one-world government. Nationalism is proper. Internationalism is not proper. And those two things will remain improper until Jesus returns to straighten out this earthly mess we live in. Ecumenism, the joining of all religions into a single "one-world" religion is a satanic endeavor. Internationalism, the joining of all nations, laws and governments under a single "one world" government is also a satanic endeavor.

A "New World Order," no matter what it takes, is the goal of the satanic Deep State system. Since they can't rely on God, being unbelievers, they reason that they must solve all the world's problems themselves. They reason that the only way to prevent us from becoming extinct through nuclear war, is to so integrate the nations together financially one with another that it becomes against any nations self-interest to go to war with another nation. If every nation owns large parts of the other nations, they reason that such an integrated New World Order will be that one-world government. They reason that the international laws of the United Nations will become the national laws of all the nations. Our Republic has already become a Corporate structure rather than just a Democratic Republic. The Federal government is already the apex of the corporate structure. The States are corporate structures under the Federal umbrella. And thousands of Corporations do business under the State umbrellas. It is easy for an Internationalist, New World Order, Deep State traitor to think deeding our National Sovereignty, and the National Sovereignty of all other nations, over to the United Nations, or a similar "one-world" entity, is the next best thing to do.

Internationalist's envision a one-world religion. Rome considers herself the "mother" of all Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox religious persuasions, and is calling them to come back to her. The Ecumenical movement is riddled with the thought of "inclusion" and "interdependence." Islam believes in force, and its final goal is the eradication of all who refuse to convert to their beliefs. Muslims refer to non-Muslims as barbarians, but in truth they are more the barbarians than anyone else. The mosque has been present in The Craft, Freemasonry, from its beginnings, which shows that brute force to subdue all free people into one-world conformity is going to be as brutal as they think necessary. These networking "points of light" within the secretive Illuminati framework that is busy trying to bring about that "one world" government and religion, are nothing more than peeks at the fires of hell.

Many are the secret societies, the hidden crimes against God and mankind, and the sinful imaginations that these unsaved individuals dream up and put into practice. In the United States these evil people have thoroughly infiltrated Congress, and represent the Deep State. They infest all government agencies, and the military. They stink up the management of thousands of corporations. They have ruined so many churches that an honestly bible-based church is extremely hard to find. These evil people need to be exposed for what they are, removed from power, prosecuted if they have broken the law, convicted, and either incarcerated and/or forced to pay reparations by performing real labor. Or, if things are serious enough, these convicted traitors should be shot or hung on the public square. How wonderful it would be to see a revival wherein some of these "D.C. Traitor" types would repent of their sins and turn to Jesus Christ for real salvation! That is exactly what we should all be praying for. We should:

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. - Colossians 4:5-6 KJV.

A Conspiracies Chart
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The following is just a "starter" list of Deep State personalities busy plotting to keep the Deep State in power over the wishes of our free people. No person or website can hope to expose all of this putrid and satanic web of lies and dirty deeds. But here is a starting point for you to do more research. Take some time: Investigate! Do this while it is still possible to do so.


The Deep State Shadow Government


*** How Deep Is The Deep State Deep? ***

The Charts (393 Names)
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Click on the name links below the charts as reproduced below, to do a Google search for more information. This really is a good place to begin some personal research. Check out the "How Deep Is The Deep State Deep?" link above, and check out the Search Tutorials on the Sidebar. More Deep State names will be added that are not on these charts as I get to it, in alphabetical order.


Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Deep State Roster

Another way to research these Deep State Traitors is to research all the Democrat members sitting in Congress, especially the ones sitting in the House of Representatives. Most should be jailed for aiding our enemies, and promptly removed from office.

More Conspiracies

Chart of Ten Companies That Control Everything You Buy!
These 10 Companies Control Everything You Buy

Controlling food, energy, and the means of transportation and movement, are main ways of controlling people. This is why people should prepare for emergencies. Being a Prepper is actually a good idea. An earthquake can happen anywhere. One can unexpectedly lose one's source of income. Sometimes a person may be called upon to lend assistance to someone in need. There are many ways that one can run into trouble and find out that being prepared for emergencies is a good thing to have done ahead of time. And now we have pandemics!

With the way that Socialism is becoming the in-thing among younger Americans, it appears that at some point this Republic will be turned into the United Socialist States of America. Marxist governments always ride hard on the shoulders of their enslaved citizens. Millions have starved to death under Marxist rule, with deliberate "cleansings" of dissadents to tyrannical rule. Think of the possibilities! Then prepare for the worst while working for the best.

Now we have the Coronavirus lock-down. I believe that this is a managed "false flag" event, not that it isn't a real pandemic, but that it was unleashed on purpose. It is now known that American interests have been funding research at the Wuhan, China biological research facility. Trump was warned that the Deep State could do much more to stop him, and I believe they have played their next hand following the failed impeachment and soft coup attempt of 2019. Trump had them up against the ropes and many traitor Deep Stater's knew it. What can be better for the Deep State than to see the Greatest Generation and their senior citizen Patriot supporters die off in a pandemic? Not much. China certainly doesn't want Trump to be reelected. I suspect that this pandemic is a collusion between the Deep Stater's and the Chinese, to bring Trump down. This pandemic will certainly bring about more Draconian laws leading to a Social Credit system like China uses to keep their people in line with the Party Line. The battles in the heavens are apparently reaching horrendous levels, and Satan and his Demons must know their time is growing short. This is a major onslaught against our Freedoms and Constitutional government. So, sheeple, be a prepper in every way you can be a prepper! Above all, first and foremost, look to your personal Salvation. The Rapture must indeed be very close. Be prepared.

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